Our Story

Welcome to Baloomba, where every treat brings joy and excitement to both dogs and their human companions!

At Baloomba, our mantra is simple: "Fun in Every Bite." We believe in fostering strong bonds and unforgettable moments between humans and their furry friends through interactive playtime and delicious treats. Our mission is to make living together with dogs more harmonious by infusing every interaction with fun and playfulness.

As a sister company of Tearrible Instincts, (Tearribles) the pioneering force behind instinctually-driven enrichment and interactive play for dogs, Baloomba builds on a legacy of expertise and passion for canine happiness. Our dogs are the Gordon Ramsays of the dog chew and treat world, inspiring us to create products that are not only enjoyable but also beneficial for training, puzzle toys, and interactive playtime.

We understand the importance of offering treats that are not only irresistibly tasty but also wholesome and nutritious. That's why we've curated a line of all-natural chews, ethically sourced from pasture-raised animals. From our partnering farms to your pup's mouth, you can trust that every Baloomba treat is made with care, quality, and integrity.

Join us on our mission to promote interaction, playtime, and fun between humans and their dogs. Let's make every moment with our furry companions a joyful adventure filled with laughter and tail wags. Discover the Baloomba difference today!