The Ultimate Combo S

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The Ultimate Combo S

$67.46 $74.94 You Save $7.48
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Discover the Ultimate Combo tailored for small dogs weighing 25lbs and under, exclusively from Baloomba. This specially curated assortment includes:

Baloomba's Thin Collagen Sticks (5 Pack): Elevate your pup's chewing experience with Baloomba's Thin Collagen Sticks. Crafted from the inner layer of beef skin, these all-natural sticks not only satisfy your dog's chewing needs but also promote dental health, keeping them happily occupied. 

Beef Cheek Chips (5 Pieces): Treat your furry friend to the savory goodness of Beef Cheek Chips. Slowly baked to perfection, these chips provide a robust, meaty flavor that dogs inherently love. Perfect for training moments, interactive toys, or as a special reward.

Baloomba's Bully Sticks 6" (12 pack): Crafted from 100% South American bull pizzle, ethically sourced to ensure the highest standards of quality and responsible production. These Bully sticks are a little thicker than a pencil and are a perfect dental ally.

Baloomba's Duck Bites: Indulge your dog's taste buds with Baloomba's Duck Bites. Bursting with the rich flavor of duck, these bites are ideal for training sessions or as a delicious snack between meals. Crafted with all-natural ingredients, these treats promise to make training sessions both fun and flavorful.

Baloomba's PBJ Delights: Experience the perfect fusion of two classic flavors with Baloomba's PBJ Delights. Crafted with all-natural ingredients, these treats combine the irresistible taste of peanut butter and jelly. Whether as a reward for good behavior or simply to show them some love, these treats are sure to become instant favorites.

Baloomba's Chickie Nugs: Artfully crafted with love in small batches, these training treats boast a party of flavors featuring real chicken, chicken gizzards, and oats - that's it! Ideal for training or simply showing some love.